Best Re-Allocation of Room Designations Winner: Beth Slazak


The 2014 Best Re-Allocation of Room Designations Award (a custom award) goes to… Beth Slazak!


Custom Awards are created, with winners selected, by the nominator. Here’s the nomination for Beth Slazak:

Award Name:  Best Re-Allocation of Room Designations
Award Winner: Beth Slazak
Submitted by ninja giggler

At the Doctor’s office where Beth works, they have an employees only bathroom.  In an effort to make it less noticeable to patients, they turned the name plate around so that it no longer read Bathroom, but was just a blank plate.

To stealthily dress it up a bit, Beth printed and cut signs that she tapes over the blank plate.  These include Tardis, Elysian Fields, Nirvana, and the obligatory Narnia, among others.

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