2013 Best Prank Winner: Lisa Warsinke


The 2013 And We’re Still Friends Award for Best Prank goes to… Lisa Warsinke!


Mary Kay had this to say about Lisa’s prank:

“Lisa’s prank is simple and something that could be done for fun by most anyone.” –Mary Kay

Here’s the nomination for Lisa:

Individual: Lisa Warsinke
Organization: Find the Fun (site)
Submitted by Goddess of Fun

Lisa is a known April Fool’s Prankster.

One example, while working on April Fools day in the Administrative area of our large hospital, Lisa put up a laminated sign in the women’s room that requested ‘In our efforts to go green, please only use one paper towel and only 4 squares of toilet tissue per visit.’ A female vice president who had just used the restroom saw me in the hallway and complained about the sign, but said it made sense with economic cut backs.

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