The Most Humorous Company for Best Corporate Culture


The finalists for the 2013 The Most Humorous Company for Best Corporate Culture are:

Organization: PhotoBiz (site)

Submitted by Ellemazing

The corporate culture at is all about fun. From the life-size figure of George Washington that greets people as they enter the building, to superlative awards given at the holiday party, to an internal blog that hosts photoshop battles, parody videos, and dance routines, to the a variety of extra perks provided to their employees, isn’t your traditional workplace.

Organization: The Gardens Tulsa (site)

Submitted by Valerie

The Gardens Tulsa is a nursing home that brings humor to the work that they do. Examples include various celebration weeks that include celebrating nurses and professional staffs, talent shows, and a variety of games. They also incorporate fun (and food) into their onboarding programs, and enable anyone in their community to hand out Customer Service Ideal cards that can be redeemed by the winner for a prize. All of this leads to a community where residents and staff laugh together as family.

Organization: Google (site)

Submitted by DH!

It’s no surprise that Google is a very humorous company. From their simple mission (Don’t Be Evil), to their incredible perks including food, sports, impressive speakers, and more, to the way they incorporate fun into all of their products, their entire culture speaks to humor. What’s more, they really take care of their employees and allow them to make a difference in their own way with allocating up to 20% of their time on passion projects. Google = humor.

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