2014 Panel Member Profile: Avish Parashar


We’ve gathered some of the world’s most renowned corporate humorists to serve as our panel of judges to select the award winners. Through our profile series, we’ll learn a little more about each one.

avish parasharWhat is your name?

Avish Parashar

What are you best known for?

Doing hilarious and interactive programs that show groups how to use ideas from improv comedy to improve their personal and professional lives.

How long have you been in the humor space?

Improv Comedy: 22+years
Humorous speaking and keynote: 11+ years

How did you get started using humor?

Just joking and messing around in high school. In college I did a little stand-up and then discovered improv comedy, and everything changed and took off from there.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew?

Even though I love performing, I’m actually a big introvert. Networking events, pre-event diners, etc, drain my energy.

What is your favorite website?

Humor: Cracked.com
Nerdy: io9.com
Misc/Procrastination: digg.com

People should contact you if…

A) They are putting together a meeting or conference and want a high-energy, hilarious speaker who will show their group how to think quickly, adapt to change, and innovate.
B) They want to learn how to be funnier, especially as speakers.

For more information on Avish, check out www.DingHappens.com.

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