2014 Best Story Winner: A Greenster


The 2014 Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story goes to… A Greenster!


Julie Ann had this to say about A Greenster’s story:

Short sweet to the point and I could just see the supervisor and his face.  Wish I had a sculpture.

Here’s the nomination for A Greenster:

Individual: A Greenster
Organization: NA
Submitted by redditor

Sometimes you have to find ways to pass the time at work and those ways aren’t always appreciated. Greenster shares how he kept himself busy in a factory and the results (both short and long term).


I worked at an automotive parts manufacturing factory while going to art college, and part of my job was boxing up parts and attaching a tag onto the box with thin wire. But for every box I completed (one every couple hours) I sculpted a little animal out of the wire with needle nose pliers. I gave the little sculptures (bears, rabbits, whatever) to random employees, which they left on their workstation. One day as I was making one of the little sculptures, I looked over my right shoulder to see my supervisor standing directly behind me just watching me with a clipboard. I paused, looked her dead in the eye, held out the sculpture and said, “Want a bear?” She fired me on the spot.

I’m now an Animator at Disney.

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