Talking Improv Wisdom, an Interview with Patricia Ryan Madson


Patricia Ryan Madson, author of one of my favorite books on improv, Improv Wisdom, has been teaching for more than four decades, with a quarter century of experience as a instructor in improvisation.  I talked with Patricia about her book and the value of improv in life and the workplace.

Patricia Ryan Madson

Patricia Ryan Madson

To hear our discussion, check out the audio below:


Highlights of our talk include:

  • What is Improv Wisdom all about? (0:43)
  • Want 40% higher self-esteem? Take improv classes. (7:10)
  • Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up. (10:35)
  • Raise your hands and say, “Tada!” (16:28)
  • The value of stating the obvious. (21:15)
  • Improv makes really nice people. (23:56)
  • “Mommy! There’s a monster in my closet!” (32:09)

For more, check out:

And last but not least, I’ve transcribed the interview for those who prefer reading to listening (note: it has been edited for clarity).  You can find the transcription at:

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