Have a Laugh

Why not take a few minutes to strategically disengage? It will relieve stress, increase bloodflow to the brain, and help you be more productive.

Here are some things to make you laugh and/or smile (or you can check out sister site, dedicated entirely office humor):

1. Watch adults play Zombie Tag:

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2. Read some so-bad-they-are-good one-liners and puns.

  • When something is due by COB (“Close of Business”), I think we all agree it really means SONWD (“Start of Next Work Day”).
  • How do you congratulate the guy who operates the ball on New Year’s Eve? “Way to drop the ball there, Gary.”
  • I want to open a pizza place called “Evil.” On the pizza box it would say “Delivered us from Evil.”
  • If you’re having router problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a switch ain’t one.
  • A guy asked me if I wanted some free fish. I asked, “What’s the catch?”

From our upcoming book #drewtarvintweets.

3. Look at some inspirational picture quotes:

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